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Looks like a good deal until you read the fine print.

"Additional freight charge of $10.00 per item."

That's another $50 on top of the price. Up to you if that's worth it or not, but for me it's not.


The cook kit is one item. They don't charge $10 per pan. Put it in your cart and proceed to check out and you will see $10 added for shipping.


I have posted this deal before, and the $10 freight charge does make it slightly less of a deal, but still not bad.

Unless you actually need all the pieces in this set, you might be better off just buying each pan individually in a local store.


There is a very interesting video on how these pans are made when you click on the Gander Mtn site.


The additional $10 per item is per set, not per part of the set. I just got done ordering a set and here is my receipt:

Subtotal: $69.99
Discount: -$21.00
Shipping & Handling: FREE
Additional Freight: $10.00
Tax: $4.13
Total: $63.12

An awesome deal!


' only place in the country that still makes cast iron cookware and has been for 114 years ' Lodge Cast Iron Foundry . . . Iron cookware the only cookware that gets better with age !!
But the Deals DEAD :(


Just put my order in. Worked Ok for me.


I have a skillet that is over 40 years old so I have a few hints for anyone buying this deal.
#1. NEVER put any iron skillet or pot in the dishwasher.
#2. Before you use any iron pot or skillet you need to season it by rubbing oil or grease all over it then put it into an oven set to 200 for about 10 minutes. I repeat this step at least once a year to keep my iron from sticking.
#3. After you wash your iron pot or skillet make sure you dry it very well then rub just a light amount of oil on it to keep it ready for your next use.

I use mine for a lot of things but my favorite is corn bread, fried potatoes and popcorn. Take care of your iron pots or skillets and you can keep using yours for 40 years like I have.


This sounds like a great deal! I have one of the larger skillets for making Dutch Babies (baked pancake). Season every year; don't let anyone abuse them, and these pans will last longer than you will.


@trouble4u2: your right! Thanks! . . . i just clicked on the promo code link on the webpage and it says it expires yesterday . . . but it still is working . . . maybe not for long in for one!! just saved over 20 BUCKS!


Sorry guys promo code is now dead . :( But still a decent price and yes American made.