dealscall of duty: black ops playstation3 game…


dang it, I bought this from newegg when they had it for $49.99 with free shipping. But I've also been playing it for the past month and a half. So I guess I can't complain.


Damn. That's a great deal!!!!

We already have it or else I would be in for one.


this game is trash. modern warfare 2 is far superior. trash games always loose their value quick and get cheap on sale.


better deal at target this week
$39 in store or $39 online.
in store, use a target card for 5% off all purchases, online use code for 10% off and use your target card for another 5% on top of that. shipping runs about $3, so online you end up around $36-$38 after discounts and shipping. add tax to that too...
ssassin's Creed: Brotherhood is $39 this week as well.
If you have gift cards for walmart or best buy, just bring in the target ad and they will price match.

as for whether the sale price means it's trash or not, last year target sold cod MW2 for $39 as well, so price doesn't always dictate quality of the game.