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Question: How does not owning the map packs affect multiplayer? Like, could you just buy the game and still get into mp games?

Otherwise it almost seems worth waiting for the inevitable "complete" edition.


@starmandeluxe: I have Halo 4 with no purchased map packs and I can always get in full mp games on any game mode.


You can still play multiplayer without the map packs, granted you'll be playing the same few maps over and over again and will be limited only to players that also do not have map packs.


@starmandeluxe: You'll be fine. The base game is fun and the vanilla maps are pretty good. The community forge maps help. It's never been worth it to buy the Halo map packs. People play them when they are first released but after that there are only like 500 or so people in those playlists. WIth the (horrible) voting system, you'll wind up on the same maps whether you have the new maps or not.


word on the street is Xbox's "games with gold" promotion is supposed to release Halo for free to XBL Gold Members at some point. It might be worth it to wait it out and see if you get it for free.


@hanks35: At E3, they said it would be Halo 3.


This game is not Halo. It's a CoD clone that masquerades itself as Halo. This game single-handedly ruined the franchise, as well as doing a disservice to the Master Chief. 343 should be ashamed.


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