dealsworld market: torani syrups for $6.00


It doesn't look like they have it on World Market's site, but Torani makes a bacon syrup, and it does magical things to a lot of dishes.


Not sure what the price is at a physical store, but Costco business delivery has these for $4.79 regular price. Useful if you're, well, a business. Price might be different by location though, I'm not sure.


What do they use for the sweetener in the regular syrups? Its clear that Splenda(r) is used in the sugar free but is the Sugar HFCS, cane syrup, cane sugar, or agave?


I used to buy a lot of these at World Market for $6 or $6.50 on their promotions. Later by chance I discovered (as mentioned) that Costco business has these for less than $5 every day. I also walked into my local Smart & Final and they also have them for under $5.

World Market does have the best selection of flavors though.


These were about $6.50 at Bevmo. Amazon has them Subscribe and Save for $17.45. Good if you can't get to the store.


$ 4.99 in NJ at any Shop Rite Location I have a bottle on my desk Splenda is the sweetener.


@ramrod: They use pure cane sugar, not HFCS