dealsrobot chicken hat in tf2 (in game only) for $0.00


@grimskull89: No, free CHICKEN hat. Read the title ;-)


@captainsuperdawg: No, free bad-mother-hubbard ROBOT CHICKEN hat!!!!!

Annnddddd...... IT'S ALL-CLASS!


don't like chicken,got any fish?


Jezuz im disconnected. Its not a real hat. It's DLC.


Was really looking forward to a real chicken hat when I read the title..


I signed up, in anticipation of wearing a glorious chicken hat upon my head. Ends up that only good for virtual characters in a video game. Now I'll just have to make a chicken hat for myself out of tin foil.


signed up, hope it actually arrives


I had the title as chicken hat in TF2 but that was changed :(


That Meet the Pyro video was absolutely hysterical. Worth the wait.


Shipping kills the deal.


Free and still overpriced.


Bogus, I thought I was going to get an actual hat... That I can wear....on my real head. Time to start voting this down!


Apparently "ChickenRaccoon" contains profanity and I couldn't use that as my username.


@dazoneranger: Please consider holding your downvotes. The OP originally included that it is an IN GAME item, but for some reason a moderator saw fit to remove that information from the title. Downvoting is punishing him for something that's not his fault.

Edit: I see it's been fixed to include "TF2" again. Thanks, whoever did that!


i know vague corporate speak when i see it and from what ive read it looks like they are planning a Team Fortress 2 cartoon for Adult Swim.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a hat.


In for one since i play TF2.

I already have an account but no mention of that. Also no idea when you receive the code either.


Did you know that TF2 hat sales raised $300,000 for Japan's earthquake recovery? source


@pixiestix88: According to the FAQ page, you'll receive the code tomorrow if you sign up before midnight tonight (the 27th), otherwise on 7/5 as long as you sign up by 7/4.


Some FAQ from for your VIRTUAL chicken hat

Q. When will I receive my code?
A. If you signed up and confirmed your account by midnight 6/27/12, you will receive your code on 6/28/12. If you signed up after midnight, you will receive your code 7/5/12.

Q. How do I redeem my code?
1. Launch Steam at
2. Login to your Steam Account. (Don't have one? Stop being weird and create one for free at
3. Select "Games" from the top menu
4. Select "Activate a Product on Steam..."
5. Enter promotional code
6. Launch Team Fortress 2 to receive the item

Q. Where do I play Team Fortress 2?

Q. Does it cost anything to play?
A. No.

Q. Does it cost anything to get the Robot Chicken hat?
A. No.

Q. My code didn't work.
A. Contact tech support at

Q. How long do I have to sign up?
A. To receive the code, you must sign up by midnight, 7/4/12.


@khadafi: Raccoon contains a racial slur within it.


LOL I got one and sent the info to my son so he will get one as well! :) Thanks!


Seriously, why list this??????????????????????????????????????????


just because something is irrelevant to you, doesn't make it irrelevant to everyone. this listing wasn't posted just for you, ya sod.


@kapeller111: I assume for the 150 people who upvoted.


Thanks for posting! Free hat get! :D


*takes bow for having the most unpopular comment in deal thread.


Someone's salty because he got told off, and rightly so. Calm down, champion. No reason to get so butthurt over you being wrong about no one wanting a free virtual hat.


Should I make this a reason to try TF2? :)


So, Let me get this straight,
A real deal for a fake hat
for a real player to use for his fake player in a real game of fake stuff so his fake player will look real stupid for real even thought it's fake.

For real?


@nekojan: No, TF2's awesomeness and its freeness are the reasons to play.


@dazoneranger: lol, look at the unintelligent masses downvote you like crazy

hilarious to see mob mentality in action

TF2 is one of the worst games ever, but of course, that doesn't deter the masses!


This is great, ignore the people that dislike the fact that they can't get a chicken hat for themselves! Meet the Pyro was HILARIOUS, I can never think of him the same now.

As for the person who thinks TF2 is one of the worse games ever, you're wrong. Obviously someone doesn't know how to have fun on the internet....


Anyone sign up early but didnt get a code? I havent gotten mine yet.


@darklazer: None here yet either. :( I hope we don't have to wait until the second wave.


I signed up and confirmed my account on the 25th, but I still haven't received my code. :( Hopefully I didn't accidentally delete the e-mail.


I signed up right away and got mine just a little bit ago. So it seems slow push out of codes but you should get it.


Just got mine today, but it worked.