dealscrayola 150 count telescoping tower, storage caseā€¦


Can't figure out how to get free shipping, in my cart it is charging $8.95 which kills it for me. Also they make you click to decline Buysafe coverage which costs an additional $.42 which turned me off completely to this company. If they want to offer an additional service that is fine, but when they try to slip it past and trick the buyer into purchasing the service it drives me nuts.


@mbmanaus: I am so sorry. It was my mistake, there is not free shipping on this item. I'll fix the listing.


It's sold for less by the same company through Amazon Marketplace. $20.44 shipped


ok...if you visit:

You see the same item, that appears to ship from the same place (reStockIt) for two bucks cheaper:

$13.22+ $7.22 shipping = 20.44 through Amazon
$13.91+ $8.95 shipping = 22.86 through reStockIt directly.

@andrew632: See what happens when I take client calls in the middle of posting a comment! Someone sneaks ahead of me! ;-)

So I guess I'd order through Amazon and get the exact same thing from the exact same people and save a couple bucks.


I'd have to look at my receipt, but I think I paid about $17 for this at my local Walmart about a week ago. Can't seem to find it on their site.

Much easier to find just the right crayon now instead of digging through a tote full of them! Now we need to get the crayon machine so we can make new ones from all the junk in the tote!