dealslimited edition 500gb playstation 3 god of war…


very curious to see how the voting on a Best Buy sponsored deal turns out on here


With the PS4 due out in 6 months or so, I don't know why anyone would still pay this much for a PS3.


@scottc: PS4 won't be backwards compatible. So if you want to play PS3 games and own them physically rather than wait forever for Sony to add them to the PSN store piecemeal for download on the PS4...etc etc.

Plus it's a red blu-ray player. Purple-ray.


@scottc: Paying $300 for almost 7 year old technology. I can not wait for this generation of consoles to pass on, it's killing game development.


@scottc: I personally don't see it as a bad deal. You get the new god of war, which is $50 and the old ones which are around $20. It's also has 500gb of space. I picked up my referb ps3 160gb for $200 last month and thought that was a steal. Even if the PS4 was coming out next month not everyone would want to make that conversion. The console will cost at least $500+ and the price of games will cost $60+. Hell, shelling out this much isn't bad considering there are tons of good ps3 games that are going for $20 Just bought Uncharted 1 and 2 for $18 and bought many for for cheap prices.The lowest the ps3 will ever go is probably around $150 if we are lucky but I doubt that, parts are expensive plus they want to make a profit.


Saw this in a review on Amazon.

"The God of War Saga Collection (games only, not the console bundle) was released on 8/28/12. The voucher included in this bundle is the same one they used for that collection as it is valid from 8/21/12 - 03/31/13."


Considering price curves and the way modern consoles revise over their lifetimes, I don't know why anyone would ever buy the PS4 at launch


@meehkaw: The voucher expiration date has been extended. Per the "Product Features" on Amazon:

"A voucher for God of War: Origins Collection which is included inside of the God of War: Ascension Limited Edition Bundle contains a printed expiration date of 3/31/2013. This date has now been extended to 3/31/2014."


I like the $290 price at Newegg, but they're out of stock.


@tsog: For the $9 difference, buy from Amazon, Newegg's custom service is something terrible. I avoid them whenever possible, and $9 isn't enough to justify dealing with Newegg.