dealssubway freshbuzz® $2 july 6 inch sub deal ymmv…


Where can I find the Coupob?


Call ahead and ask if they honor this special deal.

I already know which Subway restaurants around me honor promotions like this (because of how many times I've taken advantage of them), so maybe it's time to familiarize yourself with yours.

Thanks, OP.


@pinfar: OK Smartypants you should know, try looking next to the B

. If it is not there, look next to the A . if if is not there look next to the S and if it is still not there look at the S again. if you still can not find it put those 3 letters together and look up in your _. ;)


@curtisuxor: I have not been turned a way once with the Coupon. I know if I did not have it I would have been told no we never heard of that Promo.


@bigfrank: Some Subway locations simply won't honor them, even if it is a nationally advertised corporate promotion. Obviously the airport locations won't honor any, but even the ones attached to a gas station or a convenience store won't honor them (at least the ones I have went to). A lot of them will complain that the coupon is a photocopy, even though I explain to them it is an internet coupon.

I think your "YMMV" tag pretty much covers all that though :).


California, LA area to be more precise.


Went to my normal Subway, She did not even look at the Coupon she knew it was $2 and changed the price no problem. BTW If you live in Queens NY this one is located on Metropolitan AVE and 74 st. Look for Maria she is the best!


@luisarce: Hey Sorry I just realized I quoted the wrong person a few days ago. I Meant to Quote the spelling B expert.