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Looks like a cool set. It's a shame that Bugs Bunny and friends are hard to find on TV nowadays.


Not "Politically Correct" and too violent for the bland children our society wants to raise. At least the kids still have pot and teen pregancy to keep them busy.


Looney Tunes: The Hasenpfeffer Collection

Excellent mixture of sarcasm and slapstick humor. Be aware that this is not Dora, but everyone will laugh, and the cartoon violence is not scary, gory, or generally even unwarranted. Almost always the character that is "bad" gets what's coming to them. There's a very strong cause and effect relationship portrayed in most of these cartoons where it's easy to see and understand why the bad thing is happening to the character.

Of course that's not universally true throughout the series. Bugs bunny is a self confessed stinker, after all.

But you won't be hearing swearing or sexual inuendo.

Just violence. Lots and lots of slapstick cartoon violence.


If you like Mel Blanc (the voice of most of these characters), check out the recent Radiolab Shorts episode that aired on NPR. He voiced somewhere around 1,500 characters. One of the most interesting tidbits is that most of the first Flinstones episodes he did were performed while in a body cast after coming out of a coma.


@mistamoose: They actually have a new Looney Tunes series out its on its 2nd season...its nothing like the old toons more of a bugs and daffy sitcom but i like it...they make fun of Porky not wearing pants all the time.


@jwildman16: Thanks for the link! I really enjoyed the story about Mel Blanc. Sad, and almost eerie, about his last words.