dealssucker punch - widescreen dubbed subtitle ac3…


probably the worst movie of all time


I actually quite enjoyed it. It's a visual treat from start to (unexpected) finish.

To each their own, I know, but I think this movie received slightly more vitriol than it deserved.


@kikuichimoji: I enjoyed it right up until the end. The end kinda pissed me off.

Still, for $4, it's a good buy. :)


If you want a flick with great audio and CG but no plot, you can't go wrong!


Still priced to high, they should be paying us to take it.


@kikuichimoji: I liked it too, I thought I was really interesting. I've actually been looking to find it cheap so I can watch it from the beginning, I saw it in the theater and missed the first 10 minutes so I even more confused.