dealsfallout new vegas - playstation 3 for $9.99


Completely pointless. Buy the version that already has all of the DLC on the disk. If you don't know if you like the game then rent it or borrow it from someone. If you already know you want the game then skip this version. You'll end up spending more and have to download the DLC, the other version has it all on the disk ready to go.


Strongly disagree with that sentiment. Fallout:NV is plenty of game for $10.


Amazing value here. If you are into RPG/Adventure games, this is good for 100+ hours, without DLC.


@knarf009: that would make sense if the complete version was not much more. I think it is currently 3 to 4 times the price.

Personally, I have a hard time finishing any game due to time constraints, so the basic game is enough for me.


It's a great game, but I have this game both on the xbox 360 and ps3.
Let it be known that it's much more unstable on the ps3 version.
I've had a couple of glitches on the ps3 version where it just freezes, whereas it's only happened once or twice on the xbox version.


Thank You for Your Order

Got: BATMAN-Arkam City in store today for $5
Got this today online delivered for $10

I do NOT game much...but, those two for $15=WINNING! :)


+ Assassins Creed Revelations for $20


@leesjoe3: Agreed, I have the PS3 version and its easily one of the buggiest games I've ever played. That being said, its also one of the best games I've ever played. The experience is worth the issues.


Meh. I'll try... Last time I ordered a bargain of a game from BB, they waited a month then cancelled it and emailed me some store credit. =(


Agreed. This is THE buggiest game I have ever played.
It reduced story lines to mush as my confidence in the game's ability to trigger milestones and thus further the missions/quests died.

As I lost confidence, the game just faded. I couldn't ever be sure that what was happening was meant to be happening, and the overall feel of the game seemed rushed and not like fallout 3 at all.
Story line lacked depth, and I just didn't care about my character.

I'd say it took me roughly 75 percent of the game to really check out, and from that point on I took it quickly to a close rather than seeing it out fully and trying all eventualities. I felt very let down.

I adored fallout 3. It wasn't without it's moments and glitches, but it wasn't game ruining. Both of the originals were classics. This one, however was atrocious. I wouldn't recommend it even as a freebie. My time is worth way too much to me and there's plenty better.

I hope they figure it out for the next one. :(


Fallout 3 was a superb title, even with the glitches. I felt that it was just shallow enough to maintain a passing interest when you want to spend a few hours gaming, however it has the depth to maintain vigorous and intense gaming sessions as well. I waited for the ultimate edition for that title and will do so with Vegas. I always view the glitches as an opportunity to break away! We all get carried away. Happy Hunting.