dealsdell streak 7" multi-touchscreen tablet plus…


Ordered a guitar and chorus pedal from 1sale on may 27 and they just now sent me a tracking number for the pedal saying it might me another 15 days for the rest.. I would suggest NOT buying anything from them.. I surely won't.. I HAD bought many things in the past and never had an issue.... never again....


@sontiago: I've bought numerous items from 1saleaday. I always received them. They aren't the fastest in getting them products out but I didn't need anything rushed to me when I bought it from them either.


I bought 2 of these from woot a while back. I have to say that both my wife and I like them. They don't have the greatest battery life in the world but what do you expect for $140.


Screen resolution on these things is only 800x480. That's awfully low for a 7" device.


@djp519: I didn't have any problems with the resolution.