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Chili's food delivery time, service and quality of food has gone down SO much in the last few years, I won't go back even for Free Chips and Salsa!


Not dissing your experience, but it is illegal to clone cooks and servers to employ the same level of service at every location. You are suffering for what your local talent has to offer in a high turn over industry. And yes, their signature dishes have become a little long in the tooth, and lack the cravability like grandma's chicken & dumplings.
That said, I have never paid for an order of chips and salsa, as it is my understanding they are always complimentary in the bar dining area. I eat there 3 times a month and they have never appeared on my bill when I order them.
Just my experience.


I had one of these once but I ate it.


@ssratracer: I used to work at chilis and technically, the chips and salsa is not free. It is supposed to be like 5 bucks or so. Since the servers have access to both the chips and salsa without having to go through the cooks, they can put together the chips/salsa and not ring it up. I would do it as a "favor" in the hopes of receiving a higher tip. Although other chains give it out as a freebee, you should appreciate it when you get it at Chilis and aren't charged, because your server took a risk in doing so.


10-4 on that. I go there enough that I'm recognized, and that I tip by service (ex-server myself), and not a check percentage.