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This isn't a raunchy sex comedy nor is it full of absurd jokes. LARS AND THE REAL GIRL is a drama with moments of comedy that rise organically from normal people reacting to a totally absurd situation.

It was released the same year as Oscar winner NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. Unlike the Coen brother's film which is nihilistic and bleak, LARS AND THE REAL GIRL is uplifting and humanistic in its approach. The director stays on the razor's edge, never falling over into raunch or camp. Instead, the film stays true to the human characters and leaves you with a distinct warm feeling when the film ends.

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL is clearly the better film and Ryan Gosling turns in a masterful and controlled performance as Lars. There is more about his character in what IS NOT said than what IS said. The performances of the other actors is superb, as well. None ever fall into the obvious traps of goofiness or camera mugging.

A great film worthy of your time and attention.