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@emmnemms: If you are going to split hairs about Bourdain's writing you should avoid run-on sentences and learn to spell grammar yourself... Just sayin' ;)


Anthony Bourdain is an excellent writer--telling the highlights and lows of his career. This is a must read for any inspiring chef or restauranteur as well as foodies.


This is a must read for anyone with the slightest interest in cooking. Bourdain has some amazing stories and he tells them well.


If I was writing a book, I would have people to do that ;) And as I said, I own this book as well as his others, I'm not hating on him!

I even took one of his recipes from Les Halles to a competition.


Don't get me wrong, I love Anthony Bourdain and own the hard cover of this book. The only problem I see with his writing, he lacks a great proof editor. Many times he has either bad grammer, spelling, or punctuation. For me, it's a bit difficult to get "Immersed" into due to the spelling errors.

That being said, it is awesome to see both sides of the kitchen world, especially for one breaking into the culinary scene.