dealsharmony® - 700 advanced universal remote control…


Also: Grab a refurb for $49.00+5 shipping from


@whyze: Thank you. Both are refurbs. At this time price, $70 is a good buy, not a great buy, but a good buy, but $55 makes it a very good buy.. I own 3 logitech remotes, the harmony series are fantastic. I own the Harmony One, 900, and the 576 models. I might get this to replace my 576.


@whyze: I purchased this from Bedeals a few weeks ago. The item was very defective -- actually missing the USB charging port hardware. They honored the refund, but I had to pay reverse shipping.

I'd avoid Bedeals based on that and another failed order from them.


Just found this coupon on that brought it down to $64.99
Great deal to me! I ordered two refurbs from dailysteals recently and neither of them worked and one was scuffed and scratched a lot. The site was great about the return at no cost to me. However I called logitech about it, and though I didn't have a manufacturer warranty they gave me a 50% off coupon to buy one new from logitech for $59.99.

Great service from logitech. I also noticed the new one had completely different batteries and charger than the refurb from dailysteals. I'd definitely recommend paying 10 or 15 more for a remote from logitech directly.