dealssamsung ml-2525 laser printer - monochrome…


Two things to note about this deal, no make that three:
Just over $40 for a laser printer? Are you kidding me?! Get it!
Second, the price of 49.99 is good till 5/14
Third/lastly, the coupon code is good till 5/18 (but since the printer is on sale till the 14th snatch it up before that)


Yeah, 40 Bucks isnt bad, But did you check the price of the toner...Or better yet, find a place that actually has Samsung Toners?


@solterbeck: I guess you're letting us know you have (done those things) :)
Yeah, it was next on my to-do list. The little nagging voice saying, 'Sure, it's a terrific price, but how much are replacement supplies?'
And with a little roughing up, Google gave me the answer.
The first listing for a compatible was $49. Now the scoffing types just had their eggs stick in their throat mid-swallow. What?!! Pay more for the toner than I did the actual printer? To which any logical mind would simply do a raspberry for half a minute and say, so what? You got a great deal on the hardware and the ink/toner costs more. The $49 dollar mark isn't out of line with other printers.