dealsxxl 12-foot charge & sync usb data cables for…


I just bought the 6-footers last time @all4cellular posted. Nobody mentioned there would be 12-footers soon!!


That picture sure is pretty.


On their site you only pay $5 for the first one and each additional is $3 :)
I'm in for 3.......


NOTE: As per the deals terms, please allow 28 business days for delivery.

These must be custom made? :D


Just so people are aware, there is free shipping if you buy 5 or more items. They have some pretty good prices on cases, batteries ect.


wow, the order process on that website is so awful I didn't even bother. I shouldn't have to navigate multiple pages of crap just to order a few cables. PASS.


I'm going to call B.S. on these cables working with the iPad. Just because the cables work with iPhone and iPod, does NOT mean that it works with an iPad (iPad cables are more expensive, even when they are bought at a significant discount).

Last time I saw a great deal on iPhone/iPod/iPad cables, I received mine and it failed to function with the iPad, and after complaining the seller later removed 'iPad compatibility' from the features list. I think this yield the same result.


in for 1-hope 12ft isn't too long


Note that unless these contain a charging adapter too, they won't charge anything in my experience. I've bought "Data Cables" like these before, and even though it says Charge & Sync, it definitely won't charge unless you plug it into a power adapter in the wall. You cannot charge from a computer with these in my experience. That's why they're called "Data Cables" only. I've bought them and been disappointed before.


Just bought 5

its a good deal, these are great when you travel as all of the outlets are not conveniently located where needed.

I paid 20 bucks for a cheap six footer that is already frayed, had to tape it up to keep the guts in!


Ditto on the 'not working with iPad' - I bought the 12 feet cables last time around, same vendor, and they look pretty but do NOT charge either a 2nd Gen or 'New' (3rd Gen) iPad. You connect them and the iPad says 'Not Charging'.

Tested with multiple chargers and wall outlets - no dice. Bummer, because 12 feet long is really nice!


[EDIT: removed part comment]

@iwbyte - bummer, I was hoping it was just a fluke or different brand issue

I've had the same experience though with one of two cheap cables I bought, it only charges my iphone from a wall outlet, and only 50% of the time from a computer via USB, so this is a good heads up.


How can I get more than one, in different colors?


I don't think this will work with my android or with a new iphone without a connector...


I just tried to buy 3 different colors and it won't let me checkout. Says I have 2 duplicate items :( Oh well, I'll just keep using my extensions . . ..


It has been my experience that even though my iPad (3rd gen) says not charging, it really is. Just really really slow. I've charged it in my car this way while at work many times. Try it out, just leave it hooked up a while and you will come back a couple hours later with more battery life even though the 'not charging' is displayed.