dealsbionic jive – passion over politics full album 70…


Maybe I'm showing my age here but, who?


@rustybender: Your not alone.

Not sure what I think about albums being featured deals. But oh well, I'll have to go listen to the samples and see if they suck or not ;)

EDIT: Ok it took me all of 10 seconds of the preview video to decide this one isn't for me.


It's currently showing .99 as the price.


@tsfisch: I hadn't even noticed the preview videos until I saw yor post. I just went to see what I was missing out on. 10 seconds seems about right.


Gave it a listen....a brief one...on Spotify. There's no such thing as a good price for bad music.


What the--? Is this just some kid's garage band? It sure sounds like it. Anyway, $3.99 is hardly a deal when Amazon regularly offers MP3 albums in that price range with current music from good artists you've actually heard of.


Suckiest bunch of suck that ever sucked.

Come on, Woot. Get it together.


I thought, "Why not?! I'll take ten" It is not every day that someone makes a 99cent offer like this - even if it is only worthy of being a coaster. But BEWARE shoppers - this deal is not what it first appears to be. They want YOU to pay the 99cents. I knew there had to be a catch. It is highly unusual for somebody to advertise online to pay you to take out the garbage.


@moserk: Weird. When I made my comments above, the price was $3.99. I guess they lowered it, after seeing our "rave reviews" here lol


I actually thought it sounded decent on my nicer system..... I guess i'm sacrificing myself in here with the rest of this crowd.. lol


I know it's fun to have the same opinion as everyone else and collectively mock things, but I like the band and I'm glad for the offer. Thanks!


With all the bad comments, I had to check this out for myself. I went in expecting horrible music, but was actually surprised. I liked it. Not the same crap I hear every day on the radio. I tend to agree with the YouTube comments more than the negative comments above me. To each his own I guess.


sounds like something from the late 90s