dealsstove in a can for $29.99


perfect for all you preppers!


Ideal Cinco de Mayo gift for that homeless person you've been wanting to help out


I would rather take the MacGyver route and use up my empty beer cans


I'm with Jeth on this one.

For something like this, I'd like to build it for cheaper and then have the skills to make another incase the first gets damaged or lost.


"Stove In A Can" . . . or, in other words, Sterno?


@honk: Yeah but Sternos are small and not hot enough. Sterno cans are designed to keep food warm - open, light, and place under a container of already cooked food at buffets and parties.


BTW - has these for $20 each with $2 per 30-min fuel disk.

Also, consider one of those butane stoves you can get for $20 plus some canisters. The stove-in-a-can can only be used 10 times (recommended). Downside is that the stove is mechanical and can break.