dealsfree shipping, free machine mat and free rod…


rod rejuvenator. is that a euphemism for viagra or something?


I'm a little embarrased to say I have paid for a rod rejuvenator in the past. If only I knew bowflex was giving it up for free I could have probably paid for this whole machine on just the cost of my rod rejuvenations


Haha that's what I get for typing my comment up on my cellphone, closing it up and finishing it up 20 minutes later. bravo @carl669. From now on, for the sake of terrible jokes, woot first, customers later.


Is this really $600 off or did they raise the price to discount it? Cuz $600 off seems like a lot.


It seems that it's not too uncommon for Bowflex to give big discounts on this product. I found a Woot from a couple years ago that had this for $399 after a $900 discount. Of course, that's not to say this isn't a good deal.