dealsxbox 360 game 3 pack limbo, trials hd, splosion…


Getting Trials alone is worth this price to me. Good stuff!


limbo can add up to a few hours if you struggle with it like i did.

and trials will keep you coming back its very addicting and intense

ive never played the last game

great set of games for a low price


Limbo alone is worth 13 dollars. This is a no brainer and I own this also


I've never played either of these games, but with decent reviews from you guys and the ones on amazon, I'm in for 1. 3 games for $12.99 is a steal.


Any one of these games is worth the 15 bucks you would spend on the marketplace. 3 for less than the price of one. These three games are probably the best games to come out on XBLA. The only game it's missing is Castle Crashers.


In for 1, Wife wanted this game after playing Trial.


When I found this yesterday I ordered it and I was number 170 sold, now they are up to 307. What a deal.


BTW, also comes with a 160 MS Point code, and 2 days of gold