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It's a nice workout series.
The P90 set is the real deal. The killer. But you need equipment, and over an hour per day.
Insanity is about as good: it doesn't need equipment; it's more of a toner than a bulker. Almost an hour per day.
Mr Google's reviews tell me that your basic average American pudgy couch slug should try something "lite" to get started. Power90, Tae Bo, Zumba, something like that. THEN go to Insanity, THEN go to P90X and if you did it right in a year you too can say "This is Sparta!". Or else just know it's going to be over a month before you can even finish one workout in one day. Don't be discouraged!
For $20 it's a pretty good workout. It's less than an hour per day; you get up a little early, do a lesson, shower and go to work, no prob.
You DO know it's going to take more than a month to be 100 pounds lighter and be in good shape, right? Do the 90 days, take a week off, do the 90 again. THEN you goto the reunion, red carpet, ex's wedding, whatever. ;+}


This is sold in some stores for the $20. I also got a $5 coupon to buy mine. Save the mailing money.
Want good abs? You need a good kitchen. Stop eating crap, get to 15% bodyfat, and then the exercise will show. Don't listen to the marketers- if you don't have hooves there is NO "whole grain" requirement! Eat real meat, veggies and fruits; nothing else is real food. Eat a "lite" dinner type meal four to six times a day. Don't skip breakfast, and for most folk don't eat after 8pm.
Do the exercises, whatever program, every day, in order. Then they work. Using the box for a TV pillow doesn't work. If you can't do the whole thing do half before work, then the other half after. But if you don't do it it don't work.