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This appears to be an update to the original Swisscard, apparently now called the "SwissCard Classic". The update seems like a slight improvement to the original, though some (most?) will still prefer the SwissCard Lite. The Lite includes a low-power red flashlight and a magnifying glass, though it lacks the toothpick and nail file. Still, camelcamelcamel says this is equal to the lowest price on this item in the past year.


Yet another perfect item to stuff in your wallet or purse and forget about until it's confiscated by the TSA.


@ciabelle: they shouldn't confiscate it based on the new TSA guidelines allowing small blades. They also shouldn't touch you inappropriately during searches, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. (C:


@ciabelle: I went through TSA in a speedo and flipflops. They confiscated my speedo.... and my virginity.


@kamikazeken: you think the TSA is bad, getting searched when leaving Dubai was a step beyond. I felt like I should have been given a cigarette and a hug after the thorough search I was given.


@kamikazeken: Think you are on the wrong forum to discuss your odd fantasies.


TSA pulled me out of line to inspect my carry on. They didn't find the offending item in the hand search so they ran it it through the x-ray again to find the little knife in my SwissCard. They confiscated it (just to knife) and ran my bag again. Over 10 minutes for the search.


@nobosons, @mcowan3: The new TSA guidelines haven't taken effect yet, though they have been approved.


If you're looking for a low cost alternative then check this out for 4.22 total with shipping.