deals25% off all orders sitewide


Another day, another deal with 29 downvotes and 0 responses. Is there a reason, or is this just bandwagoning?


@kcostell: Bandwagon herd mentality.

25% off all FLORSHEIM is anything BUT a downvote deal. Seriously, it's FLORSHEIM.


@kcostell: Every time I see a downvoted deal, I go to the comments. If there's no valid reason given, I upvote it. FOR GREAT JUSTICE.


Don't understand the hate here. Florsheim is a great shoe brand.

By the way, this also works on clearance items. Just picked up a pair of Lounge Venetians for about 45% off with the coupon.


Its become tradition to downvote the final sponsored deal each day. It's completely ridiculous and downright sad.

I've also tried to discuss the follies of Woot's voting system with the community section on several occasions. About how you can quickly run down the line and vote for every deal in literally under 15 seconds, without viewing any details or making any comments. I was instantly destroyed and bashed by the "band of Woot elitists" that seem to all love each other despite never having met. You'd think I insulted their mothers...


Worked great for me, thanks. Interestingly, I added some socks and my order came to $100.25. Applied the code which dropped it down to $75 and I still got free shipping :)


Florsheim shoes are among the best you can get, at least without having them custom made (I assume. I'm not a rich dude). I wore the same two pairs of of Florsheim shoes as a missionary for two years walking around New Jersey, and they held up great. This is silly to downvote - it's a legit deal.


@firebirdude: Perhaps you did insult their mothers. After all, trolling is a learned behaviour.


@bingo969: I got the same deal. My pre-discount total was over $100, applied the discount to bring the total below $100, and I still got free ground shipping.

@mhodges: thanks for the tip to check out the clearance section. Found some nice wingtips for a great price.

Great deal here! Upvote from me!


Pssh, the 25 off works with clearance too. There's some bargains to be had in there.

Any idea how their return policy is? Really high up there for me and show buying online.


It's at +4 and climbing. KEEP UPVOTING.


I didn't just upvote, I bought a pair.
Whats with the downvotes? Just a 'happening' ?