dealsapples to apples party box - the game of…


Good price for this and if you don't like this game there's something wrong with you or the people you're playing with.

vote-for3vote-against long did this deal last...already back to $22


Amazon has got to have an automatic algorithm that automatically adjusts item price as the quantity of a sale item goes down. I see it all the time.


Lists good price on products so it will get put on deals.woot...

Jacks up price as soon as it gets posted...

Scumbag Amazon.


Interesting, came up for $15.99 for me (12:36 EST)


Yup, price adjusted again...just bought it for $16


I was able to get the pricing even after it disappeared - go into the more options to buy, where they list everyone else that is selling one. there you will find amazon selling it with free shipping still.


Just remember - no matter what green card you have - Festering Wounds and Charging Rhinos are automatic wins.