dealsemerald green chemise for $18.99 + free shipping


Very hot for St. Patty's - but couldn't we find an Irish model? Then again, everyone's Irish on St. Patty's...


Looks like she as a couple of emerald isles.


Do we really need so many lingerie deals here? Do people just gawk at the models or do they actually buy? There are quite a few down votes on every lingerie deal. That says the community doesn't want to see them. Down vote me if you like. Just my opinion.


@djrussell: There are also a lot of Up Votes for these types of deals.
If there weren't, then they would never make it into the popular section.
To answer your question, yes. People do purchase these deals.
I have purchased a few items from Ohcheri for my wife, and she has appreciated all of them.
The quality from Ohcheri is great, and the prices are even better.
But the service from Ohcheri is absolutely the best.
I've had not only fast shipping, but answers to questions, and even had to do an exchange once which was handled right away.


@killjoy: That's fair enough. Though I get the feeling that most of the Ups are from people like the first 4 commenters here.

Maybe a NSFW filter would help. This type of deal could not show up when a box is checked or something.


@djrussell: If a thumbnail of a lingerie deal is inappropriate for your work, perhaps you shouldn't be on DW at work.

I'm posting this at work. The thumbnail image doesn't bother me at all.


I just thumbs down them all and usually the comments as well. I haave suggested many time that a separate adults only deal site could be made but my posts are always deleted or ignored. It is a shame that woot has a kids site and a deals site with soft porn available on it as well.


@djrussell: I think downvote to upvote ratio is around 5-1. Yes, people buy lingerie. It's a multi-billion dollar a year industry.


@xxooss: I'm quite confused about the term "porn" as applied to a fully clothed model...exactly what part of this is pornographic? Is it because you're imagining what people do while wearing this type of clothing? Because it is just clothing.


@ohcheri: I see your point, this is absolutely not porn. However, I'm certainly no prude, but saying the models are "fully-clothed" is beyond absurd. Let's ALL be honest here. :D


@ohcheri: I said soft porn as in r rated. Are you so young you have never heard that term? If by fully clothed you are indeed dense. All I am saying is I think that it is no appropriate for kids to be able to view. I love lingerie but I am a grown man . I love seeing beautiful ladies scantily clad as much as the next guy/girl but I think it has its own place on this site. I am in no way saying to not allow them I just think a separate adult site would be perfect. I also think it would increase the number of deals that of this kind that would be on woot.


also if there was a separate site where ohcheri was put I would thumbs up it 99% of the time :)


you know some people are just old fart republicans who are stuck in the 1870's.

You know the type the ones who are afraid of gay people, african americans, mexicans, poor people, Those who don't believe our actions influence the climate or feel that rich people should be taxed fairly.

I say this in a humorous way but yes, know I'm going to get 500 downvotes.


@spyder69696969: @xxooss

I just find it hard to believe than any child is going to give a lingerie model more than a passing glance. They simply would not be interested. It's only adults and their "dirty" minds that have a problem with it.


Some of these comments are absolutely ridiculous. NSFW? Porn? Seriously? Since when is lingerie porn? Are there walls built around the lingerie section at Target? Do you forbid your children from entering Macy's because there's an open and visible lingerie section?

For anyone that's complaining, it's very simple... DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK and you won't see anything "offensive". When you're on deals.woot, all you see is a title describing the article of clothing and a tiny little thumbnail of a model wearing is that offensive? No nudity, no sex acts, no profanity.

It's this kind of close-minded backward thinking that prevents society from advancing. GROW UP.


Walmart, Target, Sears, Pennys, Kohls etal has lingerie hanging right out in the open. Do you shield your child's eyes when you walk past them or does the child not really care?


@threwblurryeyes: Not all Irish are redheads nor are all redheads Irish. :)


The thumbnail is maybe an inch tall on my office monitor. You have no idea unless you are right there.
If I choose to click an ohcheri deal I am 99% sure what I am going to get.
Be aware of your surroundings and remember no one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to click.
Also, the sheer pink teddie I picked up for my November cruise sure did the trick.


@geekamusprime007: rant much? Ok lets forget about the pictures. The other day the title of one ad contained the words "crotchless panty hose" in it. I dont know about your kids but mine knew how to read at age 3 or so. Like I said in my other post you didnt read...I just want them in another department of the woot store to use your analogy.


If a 3 year old knows what crotchless panties are there are deeper problems than woot.

And before you delete my post,that was a joke.


My 5 year old wouldn't know what crotchless means nor would he know that a panty is in fact underwear.


@xxooss: You forget that many ohcheri-loving posters here can barely read themselves, much less at the level of your 3 year old.

Hey, if I'm going to get voted down, why not go straight for the infantile and insulting comment like everyone else?

Maybe if I posted something "intelligent" like, "Me like boooobeeez!" I'd get all thumbs up. :rolleyes:


@ohcheri: You have to get higher quality pics on your site. When I "zoom" on some of these pics, I cannot see the "details".
BTW - I love your posts - I look for them as one of the 1st things.


@ohcheri: I've always loved the lingerie you have - just got divorced from a woman who considered fine lingerie to be a new set of sweats. Ahh - the things we find out only after getting involved. Hopefully, the next time around, if there is a next time around, I'll be involved with someone that likes things like this, and I can become a customer.


@tnrobert43: It could be worse, you could be married to one of the downvoters.


I just wish there were more details about the garment, for example how about a back picture. Is the back mesh or is there more green? inquiring female minds want to know...


Just to remind everyone who is complaining that children might see, YOU are in charge of what your children see on the internet. If you are not monitoring what they do online and using a child filter, then they are going to see a lot worse than anything you will see here.

If you are that concerned about what they see and you don't take the steps available to control it, then you are doing a bad job.


@yourmasaid: We're redesigning the website and the new site will have much better photos :-)


"Because children might see it" is a very lame argument. Children will see as much on tv in a Victoria's Secret ad. Shut off the TV and they'll see it walking past store windows. Show me the data on children adversely effected by seeing a lady in scant clothing and we'll have something to talk about. Until then, you're just being a prude.


Don't order from Oh Cheri unless you read their return policy first!
Any item that isn't full-price is not returnable (i.e. sale items).
Even full-price lingerie is tough to return.

Their treatment of customers leaves much to be desired. Not the warmest person over the phone nor email.

"customers who don’t agree with our policies should certainly shop where the store policies are more acceptable."


@dagnasty: We require customers to read the return policy as to avoid confusion. You did indicate that you read the return policy and agreed to it before you checked out so I'm confused as to why you think it shouldn't apply to you?

All consumers have choices where they spend their money. If you don't agree with store policy that is a reason to spend your money somewhere else. If a store required you to remove your shoes before entering and you didn't agree, it makes more sense to shop elsewhere than to try to bully the store owner into making an exception for you, right?


why would you return an undergarment? thats just gross. What's the retailer going to do with it besides throw it away?

When I was younger I worked retail, you would be surprised at people who "rent" things just to use them and then try to return them.

Heck I remember that around superbowl time we would get people trying to return their big screen TV's.


The main difference between a department store and here is the models. There are very few pics of models in the stores and they're pretty conservative when there are.

If I'm browsing the deals feed at work and my close-sitting cube mate or manager happen to see, or IT finds pics of half naked girls in my internet cache, I've probably got some explaining to do.

I call this NSFW because it fits the definition. It's not appropriate for my work whether I click the deal or not.

Porn? No.

I'm at least happy to stir the pot as there are others that feel the same way even though we're the minority.

@geekamusprime007: How is this stopping society from advancing? Is the definition of advanced society having lingerie models everywhere? Which is more close minded, me voicing my opinion in hopes of change, or you effectively telling me to sit down and shut up?


I said this once already, but I think it bears repeating, since you're still complaining about it:

If a thumbnail of a lingerie deal is inappropriate for your work, perhaps you shouldn't be on DW at work.

Unless you're actually clicking on the deal and visiting the website, you can barely see the thumbnail image. On my screen the actual lady is about a quarter inch wide by less than an inch tall. There's no way that's going to get you in trouble at most jobs that would otherwise not mind you surfing DW at work.


@tsfisch: I saw your comment the first time. No reason to repeat. I'm getting to the point of no longer visiting the site. I'm trying to prevent it though cause I like it here.


@djrussell: I didn't single anyone out and I'd rather not get into an argument with someone that doesn't have the mental capacity to comprehend their own stupidity, but I guess I'll just throw you a bone this one time.

I don't have a problem with you having an opinion (as dumb as I think it is), I have a problem with your way of thinking. You wouldn't understand it, but yes, it retards society. My only hope at this point is that people like you make less posts like yours, as it only make's a person less intelligent after reading it.

Actually, you know what? Yeah, it would be best if you just sat down and shut up.


@geekamusprime007: Wow. Why resort to such personal attacks? Did you forget how to have a meaningful conversation.


forget about the pictures, wouldn't you get in just as much trouble by you boss or co-workers for not doing your work and just crusing the web?? i think everyone complaining need to find something better to do with your time


@geekamusprime007: I actually disagree with djrussell completely, but I actually disagree more with how you are handling your side of the discussion.

@djrussell: Why is it OK for you to browse/surf/shop DW at work, but it wouldn't be OK for one of those possible deals to have a woman wearing lingerie? I'm assuming that you're not clicking the ohcheri deal while at work.


@killher: Exactly. Some people need to learn how to agree to disagree.

Some personal internet usage is allowable at my job. Content such as lingerie models is not though.


@djrussell: You run the same risk of seeing lingerie on DW as you do at sears, Target, Wal-mart or any other site you may pull up at work. They all sell the same things, they all show the same ads. Bottom line, it is not this site, nor OhCheri's job to filter the net based on your works net policy, nor your own prefferences. No matter how you look at it, these deals are popular, and get more good than bad when it comes to votes. You and those like you, are in the minority on your feelings on the subject and no matter how much you gang up on the small business woman, she's done nothing wrong, never has done anything wrong, and most likely never will. Get over it and move on. @OhCheri, get up the deals, we love them.


@salazarjohn: The ladies can return the garment to me! (in a Homer Simpson voice) Mmmmmmmmmm, used garments.
@ocheri: BTW - I signed up for Beta testing of your new site, but have not heard anything. Will I hear back soon?