dealstoshiba excite 10.1" 16gb hd, 1gb ram for $199.99…


Bens/1saleaday- same. look at comments for 1saleaday. They are refunding mine. from 1saleaday:
Maurice replied:

Thank you for contacting 1saleaday,

Our return process takes approximately 5-7 business days from when the return arrives. We will give you a refund, at this time our warehouse is not supporting re shipments.

MAY 02, 2013 | 01:05AM EDT

I returned this, you should get it in a couple of days.. I was told this
had the tegra 3 processor. That is model AT305 You are now selling an
Excite or were two days ago for 199.99$ (I paid 219.99). As my unit came
with no manual what is the unit you are selling for 199.99$? It must be the
older model with the Tegra 1 processor Omapp processor- Which is it?- the
older is no longer sold by Toshiba.
It bled in 6 places. I want the newer processor. I spent $12 to ship it
back. I do not want the older T1 processor. Please confirm it is the newer
model- the AT305 WITH THE t3 PROCESSOR.


That's what I was wondering as well if they were selling the Dual core or Quad core versions. Could've got some in store cheap awhile ago but knowing Toshiba is as bad if not worse than Acer when it comes to Android updates I saved my money.