dealsviratech uv-400 advanced filterless air…


Where can you buy replacement filters and how much do they cost?


@garyrr: Unique filterless technology makes unit virtually maintenance free


For my money I would still buy the 1. rated buy Consumer Reports the Whirpool Quiet something. Its on sale at Costco for $299. But filters are maybe $50 or so.



@garyrr: Not necessarily annually-- it's 12 months of continuous operation which at 8 hours a day would be 3 years. Also, I don't know if the speed setting plays into that at all.

But your question still remains-- I can't find anywhere that lists the replacement cartridges for this purifier. And I certainly have no idea what the price might be. It could be way more than the discounted price that we're seeing here.

The information that's out there seems way too interested in hyping the germ killing aspects, which may be wonderful, and not interested at all in talking about features, upkeep cost and other practical issues-- like how loud it is, what the buttons on the top do (I'm guessing on/off and fan speed, but how many speed settings?)...


I bought one of these units 3 years ago and just bought
another one. The unit I have has been running about 40
hours a week for 3 years with no issues. This is normally
a unit sold to hospitals $699. It's main purpose is
killing germs, viruses and bacteria. It also takes out any
odors. The only other FDA cleared unit I could find is
$2,500+. I am guessing they are testing this to see if people
will pay for a better unit. I was told to clean the screen
Filter at the top of the unit which is easy just a rinse but the
inside cartridge will last 4 years. Replacement is $139.00.
The company said in 7 years never replaced on yet. Best
Feature of this unit is that it covers 800 sq ft most of the ones
I looked at we're 200-400. This may be overkill but I love it.


@markmc27: I looked at this unit as well. The big
Differences are the Whirlpool is only hepa, won't
kill germs, viruses, or bacteria. The Whirlpool also covers
300 less sq ft. Filters have to be replaced every 3 months
@ 50.00 that's $200 per year. The Whirlpool is better
than a lot of the other Hepa units but falls short I think
against the technology in the UV400.


The unit has 17 settings and is very quite on the lower settings but at the highest settings it does have some ambient noise.


You can buy the cartridge through the main website and it is suppose to last 9000 hours. Depending on how often you use it, it can last at least a year or many more.

Does anyone know how this does on dust and pet dander?