dealsdwell, boys' life, house beautiful for $4.93…


Anyone have any knowledge of this threemags site? Boys Life for $5/year sounds too good to be true


@danpopov: Hey Dan, I understand your concern about the integrity of our service, seeing as we're a fairly new entity. I can assure you that the deals we offer are legit and as simple and seamless as if ordering straight from the publisher. The only difference being: the price! However, if my word is not enough to put you at ease, keep in mind that all transactions are done through Paypal and thus are protected under their payment protection policy.

How can these deals be so cheap you ask?
Many titles make most of their revenue from the advertisements contained within the pages of the magazine. They can charge more from advertisers if they increase the size of their customer base. Occasionally a publisher will offer their titles at incredible rates in order to quickly increase their circulation. We, at Threemags, monitor these special rates and relay them to you as soon as possible.


'twould be good if you enabled different "ship to" addresses -- Boy's Life is for my son.
That being said, I am familiar with the ninjitsu of the internet, so I think I nailed it without needing an extra box (gotta love spamgourmet).