dealssandisk sansa clip+ 1.0" indigo 4gb mp3 player…


Still a great MP3 player for the gym. The capacity is reasonable, and it has an FM radio, so if you go to a place (like I do) that used FM modulators to play the audio from the TVs, this will work. It is also inexpensive, so if it is breaks, gets lost, stolen, or drowned you aren't out 140 bucks (current cost of an iPod nano).


Like the player and color but not the price today.


Still mad @ newegg - ordered one of these Dec 4 for an xmas gift, it arrived first week of Jan.


You missed your window of opportunity. Eastern Orthodox Christmas is January 7. All you would have needed was a Russian Christmas Card to make it look like you planned it that way...


I have washed my burgandy one twice now....guess what ?? It still works.. :D