dealstenacious d - album "tenacious d" [explicit…


I posted this on the AmazonLocal voucher deal, but felt it worth repeating: you can't combine the $3 AmazonLocal voucher with the $2 HEARTMP3 credit. So if you got them both, your Amazon MP3 credit will say "$5," but you can't use them both on the same item.

So if you buy this, you'll get charged $0.99. Lame, but that's what the fine print says.

(Or you can do like I did and complain that it doesn't tell you your card is getting charged ahead of time . . . which it didn't . . . and the ever-helpful Amazon customer service will make it right for you.)


I stupidly didn't read the comments here before buying. I bought their new album for $5 assuming that my credit would cover it. Lame.