dealsvizio 32" lcd hdtv (refurbished) for $219.99 + $5…


Looks like so far Moofi is selling refurbished items. How long has Moofi been going on for? Plus, there isn't one every day? What's up with that? Woot, you have some explaining to do.


I got this same TV about a year ago when it was on regular Woot and I still love it. Paid a little more, but I can't remember if it was refurb or new. Nice picture, sound, etc. Works great for my Xbox & Roku too. It's not 1080p, but 720 works fine for my bedroom where it doesn't really matter as much to me.


Moofi is simply iWoot upside down, and as to why it's not a daily thing, I am not sure. I apologize if you have already deduced this information. Sincerely, Captain Obvious


I have 3 of these, great tv's and a better price than I paid @ $299, but those were new.


mmm Not bad brand new this TV is $278 is local wal-mart without taxes.


Got my mom a 46" Vizio refurb on Woot a year or two ago. Other than saying "Refurb" on the box, you'd never have known it wasn't brand new. Highly recommended.


I've never seen a Vizio last longer than 4 years. Ask yourself why they have so many refurbished to sell. It's because they have known issues with their back lights.


Captain Obvious, you forgot to thank them for noting Good, Better, and Best on the different inputs!


@jenicorn817: you forgot to turn the i upside down and put it at the beginning by mistake. it's Woot!, not iwoot.

Anyway, I have a vizio lcd tv and I need to say they're very well made. It's also one of the few USA-based companies left makes tv's for you people who like that sort of thing.


@drakethegreat: I've had the same 42" Vizio since 2007 and it still works perfect. It was even a refurbished unit when I bought it.


I actually am using this TV as my monitor right now. It supports 1080i resolution, so that's a plus. It was kind of blurry and annoying at first, but after screwing around with the settings, the picture is pretty sharp now.

Here are a couple of pictures of it as my monitor that I just took, not sure if they'll help much, though. I have some text on the screen and a picture for comparison. That said, I took the pictures with the crappy camera on my phone.


@jenicorn817: actually it is Woot! upside town, not iWoot. Sincerely, Captain Obvious 2

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@k87: Someone already corrected him, so I guess that makes you the 3rd.

Sincerely, Captain Obvious IV


I had one for visio TV for six month.
Yes It was refurbished as this one and 42 inches. The output of this TV was not that bad and it supports 1080P too. There was no complain at all.
However, I cannot use it anymore and it is a one big piece of garbage in my basement now. It is keep recycling the power and I can't control TV at all during this power recycle which this TV can't be used at all.
I have try to reset as factory format by many different way but it is still doing it forever. If you have to Visio tv with refurbished please buy extended warrenty together. IThe cost of fixing this case is around 240 to 300 based on quote from service centers.
the detail case is described at or search for the "Vizio TV E422VA Power cycle issue"


I've had this model for a few years. Picture is great. Personally, I find the sound to be tinny and subpar. I'm satisfied overall, but you might want to pass if sound means a lot to you.




iMoof. Ok.... I like the iMoof.


Vizio always releases solid products. In fact, if Vizio releases a new product (such as a tablet), you know it's a sign that the rest of the industry prices are going to go down. True story.


@drakethegreat: I have 3 Vizio TV's & 2 Samsung. The Vizio's I bought back when 32" TV's were about $800. All three are still going strong and are used daily. In my experience (and many others will agree) Vizio makes great products and undersells everyone else. I have no problem recommending them to my friends and family.


@theazman: Moofi has been going for almost 2 years (June 16 will be 2 years.) As for not posting something every day... I try and post 2 deals a day with 4 "sponsored deals" every week. You can go here to see ALL the ongoing Moofi sales.


Does anyone have any kind of insight that would help me decide between this, a Dynex (, and an AOC ( I'd just be using it in my bedroom for basic cable and with my Roku, and maybe with an Xbox 360 now and then.

Currently, I can't find much information for any of the three aside from user reviews, but I hate relying solely on those since the people leaving them are usually even less tech-savvy than I am.


anyone know if If this has standard holes so i can mount on wall or is that by default with all flat screens?


@greciandelight: Pretty good pictures for your phone. And thanks for the snap shots.


@rocketdoctor: Yes they do. I have 3 of them mount on the walls of our office.
And after 2 years they are still going great.


@sbchandler: Np.

@brutherford: I just noticed but you have a type on the contrast ratio. I knew my set was 100,000:1 and I thought that said 10,000:1, so I was second-guessing whether this was the same TV, but then I realized you just put the comma in the wrong spot (10,0000:1). :|


(Um ... that's a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, I believe - not 10,000?)

Vizio gives a great QPR, and at this price, this particular model is a great deal.

I bought this model from deals.woot (via secondipity) a while bac for a bit less - under $200 counting the coupon I used. Secondipity had it listed as being in "excellent" condition, which for all intents and purposes meant "never been out of the box."

As for only lasting 4 years ... honestly, if our little Vizio only lasts 4 years, it won't owe us a thing. It's a great TV at a ridiculously low cost.

And don't be put off by the fact that it's a 720 with a 60 refresh. In this size of TV, we've had NO problem viewing HD movies; streamed movies via Amazon/Netflix/Roku; regular broadcasts (the tuner's very solid); sports ... etc.

We liked the TV so much we ran the sound into a little Pyle amp (cheap deals available all over the place) and into a pair of Pioneer speakers, also via Woot.

I'm tempted to buy another of these.


@hattrick12488 I'm unsure of Dynex and AOC, but I can say Vizio's are pretty nice. I've shipped my 27" all over the world and it's always worked as soon as I take it out and put it where ever I may be. I also own a 32" and a 37". The one downfall I've found with Vizio is it seems like you need to look down on it a bit. Otherwise darkness starts to slowly take over the screen. If it's facing you right on or you lean it down a bit it's very bright


I am embarrassed that I thought it was iWoot. Woot! Makes a lot more sense. The shame has set in.


@marvelman: Just a heads up that the TV on ebay has a 60 day warranty from the Ebay seller. Our unit has a 6 Month warranty from the refurb house.



I have the subscribe tv you're referring to. I got it black Friday almost 4 years ago and haven't had any problems. Plus its on sale at bestbuy for a one day only sale of 199$! Go support your local store and buy that one brand new! It has virtually identical stats, is cheaper, new, plus you're keeping people employed and tax dollars will go to work within your community!



I've been in the Audio/Video Industry for about 4 years and still to this day see original first run vizio's running strong.

Please have some anecdotal evidence next time you want to make an outlandish claim about a product line.

Vizio is the best TV for your dollar.

I highly recommend them to all my customers that don't opt for samsung or the higher end panasonics.


my friend bought this tv from walmart for his dorm room last year and it's pretty awesome. used it a lot for football games and mw2 and still works fine. looking to get a tv for myself and this might be the one. gonna do a little more research tho


by a lot i mean it was kept on almost nonstop even when we leave the room lol


@bweisholtz: I'm pretty sure the people who "sound means a lot to" are not listening through their TV's built in speakers.