dealstanzanite and diamond ring in 14k gold for $199…


Too good to be true, of course. The site says $446.51.


Agree w/previous comments. Might have been a good buy. Odd that it doesn't show gem weights. Very important. Too bad; tanzanite's a beautiful stone.


In addition to the price not coming up at $199, the listing doesn't give any particulars of the ring. I couldn't find any link that would provide more specific information about the ring. Any good jewelry site should provide information regarding the carat weight of the gems used in the ring, as well as the dimensions (size) of the stones. An even better jewelry site would give grading (of the stones) information.


Be quiet you two the powers that be at Woot hate it when you punk out their paid advertisers for obvious and unethical Bait-N-Switch. I expect both of your posts to be deleted and your rating subsequently reduced because if one thing Woot has gained since Amazon bought them it has to be integrity. I've been working 3rd shift and checking Woot at midnight for a long time and this is unfortunately the sad truth.


Every day there is a sponsored deal chosen to go -200 or more.. I deem this deal worthy to go super negative.


@devexityspace: So, are you saying this is the sacrificial lamb-deal? How curious. The purpose of this woot-less deal is??


I am prince from Tanzanite, and your utmost cooperation and discretion is needed to assist in recovering the royal family's hidden treasure of diamonds and 14k gold. Please send all routing info on your checking account, and I would be pleasing to send you your share for the assistance of recovering our wealth.


I gave the deal the benefit of the doubt and waited until all US timezones had reached 1201AM but the price never changed. Just another way to get page count up for the Jewelry website. I would think they would be more concerned with actual customer count. I am sure they have lost a few of those tonight.


Hey, Woot! can we get a Tag: BS?


tanzanite mined by the taliban. seriously.


I had to click just to see why there were so many -1. Wrong price, so who cares if it's sponsored. Shouldn't we at least get an accurate price.

Besides, no one wears yellow gold anymore.


I love that this deal is at -106 and it's not even 8 a.m. CST. Fantastic! I guess that's what you get for trying to dupe us deal savvy wooters.


This should be on

BTW, the automatically generated link takes you to woots homepage... Ha


What the heck is "Metal Stamp" 14K gold?????? sounds a lot like gold plated to me.



Oddly enough, I've been considering buying this similarly priced tanzanite and diamond ring as a gift:

Any thoughts? Especially from the female Wooters out there... I don't have a great eye for these things (or much knowledge of jewelry shopping).


Why would anyone give this a +1???

I guess some people just have to rebel against the status quo of rejecting non-deals and Woot! laziness.

Oh, and is it just me or is Woot! laziness appearing more and more often? It seems like there is consistently one sponsored deal that gets a plethora of down-votes. GO WOOT! Keep up the superb effort of being average and you will eventually reach your goal.


I love how the present 'down vote' equals the advertised 'fake' price ;) 199... except negative.


@novastarj: the price of tanzanite is very speculitive so do a good amount of research before you buy.


Hi Everyone! here! So sorry about that funky glitch. The tanzanite ring is now showing the proper discount. Get it while it's hot!!!


@doomeyes, @mscalbear, @ruger9mm: And everyone else as well. The price is now correct on the site. A coupon code was supposed to be posted to this deal originally at 12 AM CST and was not. Please accept our apologies for this oversight.


Tanzanite weight: .78 ct Total Diamond Weight: .16 ct


Tanzanite is a beautiful stone when cut properly. This ring is very nice looking, and if you don't like the yellow gold, you can always have it dipped.

Someone said info on the stone size wasn't posted. When I went there, the bottom of the description has:
"Tanzanite weight: .78 ct Total Diamond Weight: .16 ct"

There's a lot of fake and poor quality Tanzanite floating around, so buyers beware.

If you, the consumer, are thinking of purchasing Tanzanite, read up a litte on it. Maybe start HERE


@doomeyes, @mscalbear, @ruger9mm and all Wooters: First, we'd like to thank you for the feedback. Woot was SUPPOSED to have posted the coupon code "WOOT11" to get this deal. We also should have checked to ensure the description had everything you need or want to know about this ring. So, we've made a few changes: (1) You don't need a coupon anymore to get this deal. Just follow the link. (2) Full details on the stone size and weight are now included in the description.

@phizzo Negative feedback is great because it helps us learn how to serve you better. Don't like our deal? Let us know and we'll make it right. We messed up but will make this right by the Woot community, so please keep the feedback coming!


@dmmutti: Definitely NOT there when I looked at the site earlier today. Completely different page, and now shows the correct discounted price. Happy they added the info and corrected it. Thank you jewelrycom for clarifying!

As I said, Tanzanite is a beautiful stone. The color saturation is also important - darker, deeper blue/purple w/a flash of red is the most prized. It's very difficult to tell what color you'll receive when you order online. Sometimes you get a good one; sometimes not. BTDT IMO This seems like a good deal now.


@dmmutti, @bogie21, @gmwhit : Thanks for noticing the corrected stone info. We just fixed that and, yes, the info wasn't there earlier. Obviously we screwed up big time and this deal is pretty much dead in the water. We think it's a great offer (best price online on any similar ring by a landslide), but we love the opportunity for your feedback. Please keep it coming, good or bad.


@jewelrycom: Thank you for explaining everything. Sorry that there was such a mix-up.

Have a question - what size or sizes is this ring available in? Standard 7, I'm assuming. Couldn't get the drop down to work in the cart.

Note to other wooters: I have not purchased anything from this website; am not affiliated w/them in any way. Do think this is a good buy, and appreciate their honesty in accepting blame for their errors.


+1 for the corrected deal


Also note that if you go directly to the site you don't get the Woot price, you have to click the button above.


This has to be the worst negative rated listing yet.


@jewelrycom: +1 for not freaking, lashing out, and handling your business.


I agree with @Woothulu +1'ed for creating an account here just to let us know about the mistake, and fixing the issue.

Now that it's fixed, this is a great price for a beautiful ring. Your SO will love it, buy 3!


@bknabl, @woothulhu, @bogie21: <3. This has been a rough day for us. Thanks for being so kind.

@xskoad, @bogie21: Our first Woot deal ever. We knew we'd break records. Didn't think it'd be that one ;-)

@gmwhit: A large part of what makes it possible for us to offer this ring at this price is that we do not size to order and only offer at size 7. A resize is about $20 at your local jeweler (would cost us more to do in house) and we think our customers prefer better prices over custom sizes. Some may disagree, but it's part of how we are able to offer this ring to the Woot community for $199.


@jewelrycom: @bogie21 even posted a support link in our ask the community section requesting we upvote your deal (i did long ago) :)


@jewelrycom: Good job of damage control. +1 here!


@jewelrycom: Thank you again. Wonderful to deal w/someone w/integrity.

+1 on the deal.

And in for 1.


I checked the price and it looked great. I was shopping for something just like this so I, for once, didn't ignore a jewelery deal and I beganf comparison shopping and browsing and finally decided to purchase.
Then I found all these comments and the negative scoring. Hmmmm... Guess there was an advantage to being late to the show!

Anyway, I did have one unanswered question and simply called customer service and the very friendly and helpful support staff who answered right away, put me at ease and I immediately ordered.

Now I just hope they send me the purplist of the purple stones and save us all from trying out their fantastic 30-day return policy.


@novastarj: That ring on angara is gorgeous. I'm sure your lady friend would love it. :-)


@jewelrycom: Well done on the correction, and how professional you are.

Shame to the over-reacting Wooters who did not even give Woot or @jewelrycom a chance to make a correction.

Up-voted the deal and all of your responses, and may be in for one for the lady. Well done.

Quick question for @jewelrycom, are the diamonds certified by the Kimberley Process to ensure that it is not conflict diamonds?


Already received an em w/UPS shipping info. Jaw-dropping amazing fast, efficient service!


@jewelrycom: Well done on the professional correction, and how you have weather the storm after the Dogs of Deals.Woot were released... +1 for you...


Just checked and it's linking to correct and complete information now.

Still sort of an ugly ring, though. Just sayin'.


@hobbitss, @gmwhit, @bogie21 and everyone giving us feedback (good and bad): We can't express how grateful we are. This morning has been a rough entry for us to the Woot community but we are learning a lot about how to do more for our customers and are acting on the feedback as fast as we can.

@lll0228: Our diamonds sourcing is well beyond KP compliant, as are our sourcing policies for all gemstones - something we take very seriously. More here:


Hey way to make it right, guys.


@jewelrycom: Good luck on getting your rating back up, you got my +1 :D

Although, this is probably the best thing you could have hoped for - now not only did you get an ad, you've gotten priceless good despite the fact your rubbin' shoulders with the bottom of the barrel cough netflix cough the attention you've drawn is crazy.

Plus sympathy, sympathy is always good.

Silver lining, right?


Impressive clickthrough ratio..

2238 times

2403 times

I love that stat box. (and the formatting options..)


Best Customer Relations email I've had in a VERY long time. Double extra Kudos,!

"...we try to be VERY good at addressing mistakes when they occur. ...I am personally reviewing all orders for the item to ensure there are NO further problems for those who have trusted us with their purchase.

Due to the unfortunate pricing issue this morning, we will be sending ALL orders for this ring out by 2nd day shipping free of charge.

Our accounting staff will automatically refund the shipping charge for anyone like yourself who went ahead and asked/paid for express shipping.

We are also extending return privileges to 60 days for anyone purchasing this item, to ensure total peace of mind: if it does not meet your complete expectations, you can quickly and easily return it for a full refund.

Thanks for your business.

Kris Chronister"


Tanzanite is a junk gem. It is brittle and chips or scratches easily. And a stone this size is worth very little, maybe $20 at most. All the value of this ring is in the diamonds, and even at $199 then this ring is overpriced.


@narquespamley: That's just uninformed nonsense. Let's be fair - if you're going to critique the item's value, know your stuff: 1) a 7x5 mm tanzanite loose is worth at least $100 and that's for cruddy quality. They go up to several hundred for high quality. Assuming this one is moderate quality, it's worth well over $100 alone. 2) This ring is set in 14K 'real' gold, not silver or 10K gold. at $1750 an ounce, that's significant value in gold alone. 3) Two 1/8+ carat diamonds add to the show. suggests those would be about $125 EACH on the open market.

But reality talks and you-know-what walks. Post a link to a comparable ring (7x5 tanzanite, two .16 diamonds and 14K gold) for less and I'll happily eat my words.