dealstom petty & the heartbreakers - greatest hits mp3…


He's an amazing live performer. If you get the chance to see him, don't hesitate!


and I'm ballin'


@ceagee: Yes, I'll 2nd that he puts on an outstanding live show. I must also say every song on this album is truly great!


I'm guessing he's an "acquired taste."


I've seen him 5 times in 4 different states; drove 10 hours to get there in 1985; last time my seats were 9th row center - I could see the whites of his eyes! Incredible shows!


@mjonczak: Maybe. If you don't think so much of him just listening,go see a concert.
I was a take him or leave him until I saw in person ( was performing a benefit with a nice line up of bands)
I was about to take a concession stand break when he was up. Lucky I stopped. He turned out to be my favorite.


Sorry Folks. I find it hard to appreciate anything that comes out of Gainesville Hogtown Florida.


@ceagee: I DID enjoy Tom in .kevin Cosner's "The Mailman."


@mjonczak: That's The Postman but you were close.


This is a fantastic best-of. The price is a steal. Bought it recently myself for this price.


How is it that there are people who don't yet have this album? I bought it over 15 years ago, and have been loving it ever since! (Except for "Something in the Air", which I later found out was a cover...)