dealstactical bleeding zombie targets - zombie…


These are cheaper through Atlantic Firearms:

$79 + $8 flat for shipping.

If you buy direct from Zombie Industries, they are 89.95 + calculated shipping (14.47 to my lower 48 zip).

They are very nice though.


They have a $10 off coupon for military. NRA-members, etc...

Are you Active Military, Retired Military, Law Enforcment, Fire Fighter, NRA Member, or a member of any Gun Club?
If so, THANK YOU!!! Enter “MILNRA” at checkout for a $10.00 discount off your Zombie Purchase!!!

Assuming most people ordering this will be NRA, that brings it into line with atlantic firearms.


I have seen these for $60 at my local gun show


Same thing on for $59.95. I dont know how much the shipping is, although you may be able to find a free shipping code for CTD somwhere.


@johngy0000: Good find on CheaperThanDirt. Shipping and handling to my zip was 14sumpin so they are cheaper than Atlantic and ZombieIndustries (even with coupon codes).


Mine was $83 total. They have (2) $10 off coupons you have to call to redeem.


Everyone knows Zombies don't bleed when you shoot 'em... They're already dead!


OMG I have one I am taking to the range tomorrow - bought it straight from Zombie Industries so thanks for the heads-up on C-T-D