dealstactical bleeding zombie targets - zombie…


These are cheaper through Atlantic Firearms:

$79 + $8 flat for shipping.

If you buy direct from Zombie Industries, they are 89.95 + calculated shipping (14.47 to my lower 48 zip).

They are very nice though.


They have a $10 off coupon for military. NRA-members, etc...

Are you Active Military, Retired Military, Law Enforcment, Fire Fighter, NRA Member, or a member of any Gun Club?
If so, THANK YOU!!! Enter “MILNRA” at checkout for a $10.00 discount off your Zombie Purchase!!!

Assuming most people ordering this will be NRA, that brings it into line with atlantic firearms.


I have seen these for $60 at my local gun show


Same thing on for $59.95. I dont know how much the shipping is, although you may be able to find a free shipping code for CTD somwhere.


Mine was $83 total. They have (2) $10 off coupons you have to call to redeem.


@johngy0000: Good find on CheaperThanDirt. Shipping and handling to my zip was 14sumpin so they are cheaper than Atlantic and ZombieIndustries (even with coupon codes).


Everyone knows Zombies don't bleed when you shoot 'em... They're already dead!


OMG I have one I am taking to the range tomorrow - bought it straight from Zombie Industries so thanks for the heads-up on C-T-D