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Has anyone seen this on BluRay? I have it on DVD and I'm wondering how much of an improvement there is image quality wise. It's one of those flicks I pull out and watch every so often.


It's not that much of an improvement. There's still loads of artifacts on the movie. You can really tell it come from a film and that it wasn't really all that well preserved. Sound is good though.


@captaintr1pps: I have never seen the DVDs myself, but I own the Blurays and think they are fine, nothing stellar. No rigorous remastering that some of the other classic titles (Casablanca, Ben-Hur) have received has been done here. The audio is DTS 5.1 so if that moves you it may be worth the upgrade but I wouldn't expect a ton from the video quality.


The movie was shot on Techniscope at fairly narrow apertures, so it didn't have tons of resolution to begin with.


@funkadelic78: Yea, audio is not a concern. If it's not remastered and restored (if that's even a possibility for these films) I guess I'll stick with what I have.


@kakomu: This would be a good candidate for viewing movies with these aspect ratios.


20 bones plus free shipping is a good deal. That being said, it deserved better treatment considering its place in film history. Sad face.


@captaintr1pps: I've seen GBU on DVD and Blu-ray; didn't really see much of a difference. Can't speak for the other movies, but I imagine they would be similar.