dealsace hardware stores: 10% off $100+


I love Ace Hardware. They have almost everything the big lumber yards have... except lumber :-) The only thing they need to do is lower their prices. I recently bought a brass door stop from Ace for $2.99. The same exact product at Home Depot was $1.49.


@rmsalt: I'm sure you can find somewhere else to get your wood. :)


While I don't mind shopping at Home Depot or Lowes, the nice thing about Ace is that the folks that work there are always so helpful. About a year ago, I needed to replace a thermostat and one of the employees spent about 10 minutes describing in great detail how to do it. When I got home, I began the work and everything went easily and exactly as described. For that reason alone, even if the prices are a bit more, I'll usually go to Ace before going anywhere else.