dealspack of 3 protak 8 pin lightning to usb data sync…


I bought these under other sales listed through Woot . The cables have an average of 10 uses before wires begin pulling out at either end because plastic sleeves are not bonded together.


Bought twice. most of them stopped working after a couple months. The problem is usually on the side with the lightning plug. I just take them apart and resolder the wires and now its probably just as good as oem. Of course, this solution isn't for everyone.


Bought them the first go around and they have worked flawlessly.


Since when can't sponsored deals be voted up or down? I suppose it's not the end of the world to have to come into the comments to find out, but it seems like there's some legitimate negative feedback here. Would be nice to be able to see that on the front page.


@hartjo1: Since certain sponsored posts were getting average user scores of -79, plus or minus another 50. I'm sure their sponsors didn't want their promos to show in negative double digits.


I figured as much, and I can understand why you wouldn't want to sponsor and then get voted down. It just seems a bit...dishonest. A crappy deal is a crappy deal and you should be able to advise others. Very un-Wooty.


I bought these last time as well... they were very cheap... which I expected. I recommend just spending a little extra and getting a quality cable.


@hartjo1: although it doesn't display on the front page, you can downvote once you get to the product listing page. It's in the upper left near the description/title.


I see that Joecoool has been downvoted, so I'm sure I'll get a few too, but I ordered these last time and haven't had a single issue with them. I keep my phone plugged in at work every day and have yet to break one. However, I never pull the cable out of the phone by the cord; I always grad the sides of the plastic.

They're def cheaper than the real deal, but for a couple bucks, they sure seem to get the job done.