dealsvalentine’s day exclusive - postal service rose…


So what's worse on this deal? Encouraging you to give your postman/woman a watch or how ugly that watch is?


@patentdude: Maybe you're married to a postal worker. Then it works just fine.


A tasteful gift that reminds us that rates have gone up by 50%, yet the USPS is still crying "bankrupt" every time we turn around.

How very romantic!


Buy from Szul and you will never be lonely. The only way I could get rid of their spam was to finally just block their domain.


BWAHAHA! This may be a new low even for Szul. It literally looks like one of those $5-and-under Valentines "gifts" they sell at gas stations up near the register, presumably so very confused people who forgot the holiday entirely will be reminded and pick something up on the theory that it's better than nothing.

This isn't better than nothing though. It's worse than nothing. At least the postage stamp motif is appropriate, because when you give her a watch too ugly to wear at a tractor pull and then tell her you spent $37 on it, she'll GO POSTAL!


The price is good for an ok watch. The MSRP is 200, but can easily be found for 100-120, so $37 is a deal, but not as big as Zuul is claiming.

Here is how it is an awesome VDay present. I looked up the love stamp design that was being sold the year my wife and I got married, and is likely the same one that was used to send out our wedding invitations, saw that this stamp background was available for the same price as the one linked to. I can now give her a watch that will go into her jewelry box for when she needs a silver watch for an outfit, but with thought and sentimental value galore. Since the various love designs are rotated every couple of years, this can work for any guy.

And the reason the Post Office is going broke is that they have to fund their pension 70 years in advance, thanks to meddling by congress. No other company has a similar rule.


Those were used for some of my wedding invitations. My spouse-to-be (and now ex) commented that birds don't typically sit in bunches of flowers and couldn't help thinking the dove was about to poop or something.


I'm convinced...y'all don't like vacations or love!!! lol!!!