dealsprofessional 4 ton jack for $24.99


This isn't a jack, it's a pair of jack stands. They hold the car up but aren't for actually raising the car. Amazon normally has a pair rated at 3 tons for the same price shipped and those are double locking (although I'm not sure that's necessary). The more secure, the better with something like this though.


Apparently, you ain't no auto mechanic... good luck lifting a 4T cart with those jack STANDS that are not a good deal.


If you've got a problem with the name, talk to Sears. I didn't name them.


@mtm2: The sears site says jack stands...


@flaringafro: Woot grabbed it and that is the title that came across. I didn't change anything in it.


A friend had one of these fail, dropping his jeep. Lucky he wasn't under it. He found a lot of similar stories on the web. Check reviews and consider not using it in a situation where failure would be catastrophic.


If you have cause to lift a car and then remove a wheel or perhaps climb under the vehicle? This is a MUST. The Jack alone is unsafe. Stands provided not only additional contact points to spread the load but stability too. This is a good but not great deal... Load rating is only part of the story... The height is also important. Lower load ratings are typically shorter too. So if you have a pickup or SUV make sure the height is not maxed out to get your job done... I picked up some 6ton recently for $28 a pair. Wider and taller than these. I recommend having 3 sets for serious do it yourself types. If you're just anticipating a tire change get two pair.


According to the label on the jack stands, the rated capacity (4 tons / 8,000 pounds) is per pair, not a piece as stated in the description.