dealsblue diamond almonds - 6 oz - all flavors for $2…


These are often buy one get one free for 3.99, so this is an ok deal but not a great one.
The bags used to go on sale for $5, which was the best deal but I haven't seen that one lately.
A couple of flavors, like plain and cocoa, come in double size two pound bags that you can get for $10 at wal-mart, but most of the good flavors only come in these little cans.


Wasabi & Soy- greatest almonds ever!! The chocolate dusted ones are fantastic, too. As an almond fanatic, I will say that these are much better than the Emerald brand nuts, especially the chocolate dusted ones.


@jikkme: Thanks for the review of the chocolate dusted almonds. I've never tried the Blue Diamond because the Emerald chocolate almonds make me gag.

Even though I stocked up yesterday, I'm going back just to give the chocolate almonds a try.