dealsseagate freeagent goflex desk 1.5tb usb 2.0 blackā€¦


I think I picked up this same drive for my son last year at Staples for $80 with a coupon. He said it was kinda slow, so I picked up the USB 3.0 baseplate for it, and now it's much better. Got that on sale from a woot ad for $10.


Currently this is a better deal:

I have the 2tb version of this drive I picked up on Black Friday two years ago, with the USB 3.0 base. Note that the backplane is Sata II, so while the USB 3.0 adapter certainly helps (5Gbit/s as opposed to 480Mbit/s) you're still limited to 3Gbit/s by the Sata connector. Not too big of a deal, and the modular base gives you a little extra flexibility, which is nice.

Mine is currently going out from a year or two of heavy abuse, but it has performed pretty well for the price.