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Interesting video:

Details from Pep Boys, $99 locally.

It features a 2.4 inch rotating LCD screen, infrared LED's for night recording, motion sensor, time and date stamp, and can easily be played back the unit's display, a TV, or computer. Includes built-in rechargeable li-ion battery, car charger, windshield / dashboard mount, AV cable, USB cable and 2GB SD card.

The Dash Cam is a vehicle's Black Box
Records all the driver sees and hears
Protects you from fraudulent claims
Time and date stamped for validity
2.4 inch LCD screen rotates 270°
Anti theft motion sensor
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Infrared LED's for night recording
Playback on unit's display, TV or computer


great in those jurisdictions where the cops like to order you to turn off your celphone cam or face arrest.


Not a great price, these things are less than $50 often on deal sites. I believe these are also branded "carcam" sometimes, and I've seen versions like this for $30


@peoples: they don't usually get anywhere near this cheap with a screen attached, AND night vision. Regular price looks like $130