dealsnice! 12 oz trail mix for $1.99


I haven't tried the trail mix but Nice! almonds are great. I prefer them to the Blue Diamond .Walgreens often has deep discounts on them. Now I need to head to my local Walgreens and see if the trail mix is just as good.


The NICE almonds in the 16 oz bag are also on sale for $5.


Great for when you hit the trail.

Serious, just used two bags last weekend on a hike.


Sounds good, but, of course, we don't have a Walgreen's in this little berg or anywhere close.
Most of these good deals that are posted for stores or restaurants are too far away to take advantage of : (

We don't have an Outback or a Baskin Robbins or a Walgreen's or a Chilli's or lots of others.
But we've got 3 McDonald's and I haven't eaten at any of them in years.


@donslin: Sorry you don't have a Walgreens store close to you. Of course, you can order online... I do have a Walgreen's very close to me, and I still find it more convenient to order online. No traffic, no hassle. Just order those items you would usually buy. Hopefully you can find them on sale.


Nice! :) Sorry, had to say it. I do have a Walgreen's near me, but I just placed an order online. There is a 2-quantity limit for each of the trail mixes. I just ordered 2 of each as well as a few of the nut mixes to take me over $25 for free shipping.


Sale over. :-( Price is now 2/$7 or 1 for $3.99.