dealsfree shipping sitewide @ crocs


People like to hate on the Crocs, but I love mine gosh darnit!


@therealjrn: Voted up because free shipping is always nice, but I will stick to my Sanuks.


I will vote up for free shipping.

But Crocs are evil, so none for me.


Once again... Not liking a product does not make it a bad deal. Sponsored post up/down voting is broken.


Note to Crocs: Please just give up. Does anyone really even wear anything crocs makes anymore? Their sandals hurt your feet. The original Crocs shoes make your feet sweat like a furnace. And 2 other loafers I've had from them have fallen apart from crappy stitching. Can I get an AMEN?


It's a shame, it looks like they have ended their partnerships with schools and professional sports. I was looking for a new set of Redskins Crocs after loosing mine but it looks like I am out of luck.

What's a man supposed to do when his feet are too ugly for flip flops?


@wisenekt: Redskins Crocs? Those weren't lost, they were stolen.


"My, those are attractive Crocks" said no one, ever.


@fooknboomn: No...I love all 3 pairs of mine.


Just pointing out again that free shipping is hardly motivation enough to make someone make a impulse buy, which are the people you're going to be looking to buy these.

If I need shoes I get them, free shipping or not. If I want shoes and just need a little persuasion to get me to pull the trigger, I'll need a real deal on them, not just a couple bucks off for shipping.


@fooknboomn -

I love the sandals. The flip-flops are the best I've ever owned. They're not unattractive, the foam doesn't compress and they help my high-arch feet. I'd be in for 1 except that the pair I have is still in good shape after a year, including wearing them all day for 5 straight days at Disney and 5 days in St. Thomas, plus all the other times I wear them. They've outlasted every other pair of flips I've owned.


Got a pair for 10 bucks with free shipping! Awesome!


Gotta say, I got a pair of crocs ocean-minded sandals and thy are awesome. Got a really good deal thanks to Woot! I believe they are about a year old now and still holding up perfectly.

Why's everyone hating?


@realgeorgew: Why? Why is a shoe company an abomination? Please explain. Someone enlighten me here.