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Decent deal. The description is a bit misleading though. It says:

"Simply plug it in to a USB port and start saving your photos, music, video, and files".

It is not USB powered, it uses an AC adapter.


Considering I just bought the 1TB for $80 earlier this I'd say this is a good deal. The only major negative I noticed is that it's not USB 3.0, which means transferring 1.5TB of data can still take a bit.


I got one of these about 1.5 years ago, still running fine in my little pile of storage. (3 primary drives, 2 backup drives)

Biggest issue is that USB 2.0 is really showing it's not the connector for this level of storage. When I got it, I did a lot of data jostling between what was formerly about 1.75TB of storage, and the entire moving process took roughly 5 days.

Interestingly enough, I bought this exact model 1.5 years ago @ $89.99 from Newegg, so it's a sign that we're at least getting close to back to normal in terms of storage prices.


@xelement5x: where'd you get your 1TB for $80?


@shaunwoots: It was from NewEgg.
This item:
with a Promo Code that was in my email stacked to take an additional $20 off. I've dug through my email and can't find it though :(


Got this one 2 years ago from newegg for $65. Like previously stated, downside is that it requires an ac adapter and is USB 2.0, but if you can manage with that, its a good amount of storage for the price. And it has been working flawlessly so far