dealsthe annoy-a-tron for $5.00 + free shipping


For $0.99 more, you can get the 2.0 version which puts out 6 different noises.


Just want to let you guys know that every one of these comes with a free punch to the face from the person you prank.

The gift that keeps on giving.


No free shipping on either deal. No free shipping on sale items.


@waterguy: Free shipping applies to sale items. You have to go through checkout and select the cheap shipping, and it gets taken off.

Free shipping doesn't apply to gifts with purchase, coupon codes, and that kind of promo offer, but these are none of those things.


The description says the battery lasts for a month. At 50% off it'd be worth it to hide one in someone's wall.


My boss frets about his new car all the time,one of these babies is going under his dash or under his seat!


I put one of these under my friend's coffee table and forgot about it...about a month and a half later I was visiting and I heard the beep and asked him innocently what it was. Immediately he went off and started saying it's been driving them crazyfor the last month and explaining how they tore apart the house emptied every cupboard and drawer, unplugged every electronic device in the house and pullled out the batteries out of everything and anything! haha I couldn't contain myself ..his reaction was above and beyond any expectations so after an hour or so I told him what it was..He said whatever you do don't tell the wife she is going to rip your head off!!.friends hada been over and they spent countless hours arguing where it was coming from and trying to figure out where it was! I thought i had put it in an obvious spot to find but as it turned out it echoed on the hardwood floors and it sounded like it could be anywhere..and the battery lasted more than a month easy.pure evil!


Seriously this is the best money ever spent for someone you would like to drive terminally insane.


you can't beat the price of the one @desynergy linked, but i prefer the creepiness of the eviltron ($9.99):


In for two! The first one, just because. The second one, for when someone inevitably finds the first one and either keeps it or smashes it on my face in a fit of rage. Either way, price+free shipping was too good to pass up.


In for two as well.
One for me to hide at work and one for my niece and nephew to torture my brother and sister in law


I've had one of these for a long while. Every so often, I break it out and use it on people. Always fun.


I sent this to my brother whose daughter and son (my niece and nephew) annoy him to death with pranks. He was so thankful for the suggestion. He said it's payback time.


I used the eviltron version of this to prank a coworker, she refused to get back in her car because she swore it was haunted. One of her passengers finally found it and well I am awaiting retribution.


Small enough to fit in the channels and trim pieces of cubicles in the office. NICE


If nothing else, pure evil thoughts are running through my mind... Trip to the car dealer who ticked you off - test drive and leave one behind? Have to help someone move and you have a bunch of options... wonder if you will hear it from inside a desktop PC box?
BTW - free shipping when you complete your order if you choose ECONOMY... In for 3!


I bought one of these before and played around with it using my very limited electrical engineering skills. I was able to put a larger/louder speaker on it by swapping it with one off a computer mother board. I also experimented with running it off of onboard power of a device and ditching the battery.

My experiments didn't last long, I hooked it up to my brother's bedside alarm clock. Within a few hours into the first night he figured out it was coming from his alarm clock and he said he just smashed it against the wall and went to sleep "I use my phone as my alarm anyway" he said. Doh!


i bought one with free shipping and just got a refund from them today.. emailed them asking whats up.. anybody elsw have this happen?