dealshandheld water misting fan - stay cool this…


My local "Five Below" store has these for $4. Just a heads up if you have one local to you!


@fapsausss: Never heard of that chain. Sounds like a bargain hunters dream.

I can't say how many times we've been in the middle of a theme park or sporting event and painfully pulled out $15 or so for something like this, just to fight the heat. Yet, somehow we never remember to bring along the ones we've already bought, or to pick one up at a discount store before we go. Urgh!


I remember longing for one of these during an extended power outage one August in Florida. In for one!


This isn't a bad price for these, but I was wondering what I might pay for them at a BigLots or Dollar General near me. With free shipping the buck or two I might save isn't going to break me.


Received this last week and it didn't work! Struggled to remove the batteries (had to destroy one since it was stuck), put in new ones the right way instead of backwards, and now it's working fine. Hubby commented that it must get tough on those Chinese assembly lines.